So here are some pictures of the big Warmahordes game and Twilight 🙂

So the big game had six of the wyverns playing Warmahordes:

So down to a few game shots of the game. The two troll factions (Joe and Matt) in the middle with Cygnar either end on one side (Tom and Simon). On my side was Jims Khador and Pauls Menoth.

Each faction had large based models and colossal size ones as well. You got one point for each factions large or Colossal based model. Nothing for any more. This encouraged you to attack different foes.

Ranges were doubled (long range was -2 to hit) and every time you moved you moved an additional D6 inches.

The winner was Tom with his Cygnar with some Dwaven Mercs with 2 points.

My trolls got 1 point.

Joe’s trolls also got one point.

Paul’s Menoth with some Human Mercs was pointless but nearly got 1 for kill stilling the Colossal Troll!

Simons Cygnar got a single point as did Jims Khador.

Very enjoyable game 🙂