So tonight ladies and gentlemen we have:

Fog with Chaz, Steve, Hal and Paul.

This was a fun game with Hal and Paul against Chaz and Steve.

To a final draw on victory points!

Fields of Fire with Tim, Simon and Matt.

This was a fun game with lots fog of war going on!

The Americans were putting up a bridge to the north of Iraq during the first Gulf War.

The Iraqis had other ideas. They had brought there own. Also there BMP1s could cross with out the bridges!

The Americans had brought two companies of Bradleys to oversee the proceedings.

With some MLRS support!

The Bradleys had a clear line of sight to the Iraqis unfortunately so did they to them!

The fighting was very bloody on both sides the Iraqis managed to clear the American bridge site with a front on assault with fanatic green troops! They also got to of there own bridges up to bring over there few T72s left but they had to deal with some M1 Tanks coming in from reserve! Thanks for a great game Simon and Tim 🙂

40k with David and Joe.

This was Imperial Guard against Space Puppies (Wolves). The Wolves got very nearly wiped out so a Guard win!

Glad to see you all there 🙂