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A summary of our games and other chit chat from our recent meetings

Bovington Game

Shows Posted on Sun, July 02, 2017 23:40:44

Well Matt and Ben put on a game of Gruntz at Bovington. They were helped by Olly Tom and Jim on Sunday.

Both days we had great games and good interest from Joe public. Lots of familiar faces were around and good chats were had 🙂

Both days we had Crusties (GZG version of Prawns from District 9) against US Marines and Delta Force (Peter Pig).

Great fun was had by all 🙂

Monday 3rd July

Club Night Posted on Sun, July 02, 2017 22:49:54

So tonight ladies and gentlemen we have :

Flames of War with Tim, Paul, Simon.

Rogue Stars with Joe and Matt

Helldorado with Tom and Jim

Glad to see you all there 🙂