Well Martin from Peter Pig came over on Thursday 14th September for some Western play testing ?

Matt and Chaz played a game with Plains Indians vs Mexicans.

We went through the pregame. First to work out our aggression level.

As Plains Indians I chose 34 and Chaz as Mexicans chose 26.

After picking a couple of scenario set up modifiers we both rolled some dice with 9 success to 8. Difference of 1 so I was the attacker.

Martin laid out a selection of scenery. Which myself and Chaz placed according to only one side touching.

Once this was done as defender Chaz rolled to removed his models from his force to become reserves (Losses on sheet).

He did very well as most stayed on table and he discarded some raw foot troops to make all his reserves cavalry so a faster response force ?

Chaz set up his main foot force in the town.

He then proceeded to place troops on corners and roll to see where they were on table for a nice random set up.

I then picked one corner as my starting area. I placed one unit there and I then rolled two D6 to move that many squares around the edge.

With a couple of rerolls my force was placed. (You could not end up adjacent to an apposing force hence rerolls).

We then went at it with alternating turns to activate your forces in a typical Peter Pig way. Nice and simple ?

There are a few flavour rules added in which are nice and simple to remember. If your quality is one better than your enemy you usually roll two extra dice. Mounted troops only hit on a six but get a free gallop move of two squares. When returning fire only foot troops or dismounted get to return fire over range of one square.
Also dismounted troops loose one of the action dice to hold the horses.

The game went well for me as I ran over one of Chaz’s lone raw foot unit. Then it went back and forth with small loses here and there until Chaz’s reserve came in and flattened one of my Average units and wiped it out!

The dead rules are a bit different than normal as you carry your wounded around (well try to if you have enough survivors) see below for saving throws.

Every turn you roll for morale to see how many dice you loose on activation.

Pictures of the game ?

Victory wise we thought it was very close with Chaz coming through with a small victory of 20 vs 14.

Great start to the game ?

Well I’m playing more this Thursday and Monday ?