So tonight ladies and gentlemen what wonderful games do we have then for you?

Well its a Very British Civil War using Bolt Action.

Well the British Army was tasked at removing a bunch of Communist sympathisers from a local Brewery!

They had assistance from the BUF and Tank Corp!

Now them poor old Communist had a small help from the French. The French you say! Well yes they crossed the channel with there little tank and decided to take on Fascist Britain!

And all you hear in the background is “Can I Fire Yet!” … “Well I suppose so!” Said someone else ?

Piccys ?

Looking up the Table with the French on the left and some of the British on the Right.

The French had to make it the length of the Table. Would they make it!

To the Brewery with there comrades!

Not if the British tank Corp had anything to say about it!

Oh and that Y junction a lot of fun was had here ?

Cracking game and the Communist well the Brits whittled them down with some help from the police! And then finally charged them!

Oh and all i say is a blunder with some umfriendly fire!