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Vietnam game at Simon and Tims

Games in the Real World Posted on Thu, August 23, 2018 18:17:33

So I had game at Simon and Tims on Thursday 9th August. It was a cracking game.

VC against Ausie SAS. All of us were worried that the Ausies had so few troops. But in the end because of quality pulled off an incredable victory ?

Great fun game with lots of twists ?

Peter Pig

Games in the Real World Posted on Thu, June 01, 2017 13:30:34

Hi Guys 🙂

I had Martin and Les over from Peter Pig today and we again play tested his new version of the Spanish civil war.

Myself and Les played with Martin being the umpire.

The game table is played on a 10 by 6 – 6″ squares in 15mm.

I had the Spanish Foreign Legion. These were veterans. I only had two platoons with a pair of each AT Guns and Field Guns. So only four units in total.

Les I think had Carlist Militia which were raw. Had had four platoons with a pair of Armoured Trucks, Medium Armoured Cars and Field guns.

After we rolled for Scenario Chase. By rolling a single D6 you add your results up but if you get a six (pig) you bust. The chase alternates to see who can be the first to get to 50+.

I won with a 50+ to Les’s 30. So I looked at level two.

So I decided to be Defender with all of my platoons on table with my field guns. My AT guns were off table in reserve.

Les was Attacking so got only his two platoons on. But had three off table (this extra one was for attacking but only received it when one was destroyed) and his field guns and the two pairs of vehicles.

Once this was decided we picked assets.

I had Hasty defences (6), Delay (8) and HE (6). Les had Shock assault (11), Air Support (5), HE (6).

Once the game started my dice couldn’t roll above a four for the first half of the game but I managed to do some damage but over half of one of my platoons was destroyed and I could not get to the dead to remove bodies!

Les faired better apart from his reserve rolls. He put all his dice together to bring one unit on but managed to fail the roll every time (4+) so I picked this kept me in the fight. With bringing on his units not platoons.

I only got one asset to work my hasty defences everything else failed! Les proved a bit better but only managed three for the whole game.

As the fight progressed my force held but was thinning out quickly!

Les eventually brought on his largest unit (I was hoping he would roll badly but didn’t because I wanted to use “delay” my biggest asset… it never got used!). He then used his last asset Shock Assault! He got it with three six’s only needing one. He then assaulted my leader and one other stand on an objective with four squares of movement but counts as a close assault! I managed to get two dead with my reroll…. and with 24 dice Les got one! I won the assault! As Les lost a Shock Assault he lost the entire platoon as casualties! That one action swung the fight into a draw!
Les called the last two point off the tracker to end the game.

We went through the victory points and I had a couple of points more but its was a draw! Great game and hope to play some more soon 🙂

Great War GWSHII 6mm

Games in the Real World Posted on Thu, October 08, 2015 08:28:27

My Project over the winter months will be 6mm Great war, using the Spearhead rules.
I have just bought the starter set with “onna” stick rules, and two larger armies , from Baccus.